And as if by magic, a print job appeared

If anyone gets the Mr Ben reference I'll be impressed.  Mr Ben was a children's TV show, each week, Mr Ben went to the costume shop and tried on a different costume, which magically transported him to where the costume came from.  A Pharaoh's outfit would put him in ancient Egypt and so on.  At the end of his adventure, Mr Ben was returned to the changing room, where he took off the costume and pocketed the souvenir of his travels that inevitably appeared in the costume's pockets.  Mr Ben was a closet kleptomaniac.  The show always started with Mr Ben arriving in the costume shop, choosing a costume, "and as if by magic, a shopkeeper appeared."

Which is a long way of saying that in the time it takes to walk to the printer, my print job gets queued and processed and is sat, toasty warm and waiting for me.  It's rather nice.

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