Can I stop now?

Got to be Monday.

  • Two doctor's appointments.
  • Embroidery skills evaporated sometime in the 1990s.
  • Took the day off work, but spent whole day running around like crazy woman.
  • Car died (bad battery, AAA replacement, excellent technician chap).
  • Hubby stranded at work after giving me working car to get to second appointment.
  • Really tired after doctor's visits.
  • No travel knitting started.
  • One cat missing all day.
  • Other cat desperately wants to sit on my lap, despite laptop.
  • No chocolate or ice-cream in the house.

Kudos to AAA though, their chap arrived in 25 minutes flat, diagnosed and fixed the problem, and smiled the whole time.  He even turned up in a tow truck, just in case.

Update 13th Oct

Cat surfaced eventually, they're indoor cats as we're a little too close to the highway.  I'm fine, it was just routine doctor visits.  Thanks for the concern!  Everything's OK now.

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