You can stop the endless deliveries of flowers, get well cards and chocolate, I'm almost better.  What, you hadn't sent any?  Shame on you.

If I could import one law from Britain to America, it would be the one about no obstructions bigger than 10mm in the swept area of the windscreen.  Aside from being sensible, it has the bonus of making fluffy dice and Mardi Gras beads illegal.

If anyone out there lives in Panic, PA, please email me, it's my favourite of the places I listed on Friday.

Today we collect Bristow from the airport.  Hopefully Customs in Chicago won't be too unpleasant to him.  I mowed the back lawn in his honour, the dryer is out of the kitchen and on top of the washer where it belongs.  The next two days while he's here are forecasted as thunderstorms, and one just started.  One rumble of thunder, then the skies opened and you've go from dry to downpour in less than a minute.  Marvellous!

Vacuum cleaner 7, Spiders, 0.  Victory for the home team.

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