Yarn Dreams

Started Sarah's other sock twice on Tuesday night, and my purple New

Zealand Wool one once, messed both up and frogged (*) the whole lot. Depressing.  I have one sock to do for each pair and they refused to cooperate.  Then I dreamed I saw a ball of yarn, and thought "That's Rowan felted tweed in Herb, that would be nice to knit with."  The yarn was an important part of the dream but I can't recall why, or what I was planning to make with it.  Maybe some technical challenge, like fingerless gloves with mitten flaps?  The stuff has been in my virtual yarn stash for a while, maybe it wants out.

Yertle the Turtle is waiting for a head, tail and two front flippers, then he's all over bar the stuffing and stitching.  Decided to attach the limbs to the shell first, then apply the underbelly, so the limbs stick out enough past the lip of the shell.

(* to frog [verb] - to undo or rip out a piece of knitting because it went horribly wrong.)

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