This is where I spend a lot of time, my desk in the craft room:

2009-10 Workspace

The bay window lets in the afternoon sun and my IKEA desk matches the shape of the window, we stained it together in the new garage.  Still a novelty that, we have a garage and both cars fit inside it.

My MacBook laptop lives here, next to the terabyte backup drive. There are two kinds of people: those who are paranoid about backing up their data, and those who have never lost a hard drive with something irreplaceable on it.

There's a pile of alpaca roving at the back that my friend Ruth brought back from the Arrow Rock craft festival for me, 6oz of cinnamon goodness.  It belongs in the fibre box in the closet but it's so soft it's staying out.

The swift lives on the corner of the desk where it is both out of harms way, and immediately accessible.  Love that I don't have to drag it out of a closet and balance it on the edge of a nightstand, it is firmly attached to the table top.

There's a small slide out tray under the desk with useful things in, like blocking pins and pens and index cards and a cabinet door knob I'll use to help graft sock toes, and the cap from the fridge water filter waiting to be turned into a spindle hook protector.

There's a second chair that you can't see, it's useful for putting my feet on so Quantum can sit on my lap.  A 16 pound cat takes up a lot of lap space and she's been wanting to sit on me a lot more these last few months.  She's like a big furry lap blanket with claws.

My new knitting bag lives here, a Tall Yarn Stuff Sack from Tom Bihn. Mine has a clear base, which I love.  It's in the front next to the books.  It holds everything I need, the floating bits are all in a Loopy Ewe clear plastic pouch, and there's a snap-closed loop in the bag to guide the yarn and stop the ball rolling away from you.  It looks waterproof.

My spinning wheel lives in this room, and the closet is for storing yarn, fibre, the antique sewing machine, the sewing box Dad made for me, and all the other craft supplies.  There's a bookshelf with the knitting books and the reference books about writing.  It's a creative room.

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