Working Girl

I have rejoined the world of work, so blog updates will be restricted to after hours for the next four weeks at least.

Cat is "going to be big" according to the vet.  She's already 50% heavier than four weeks ago.  He had to ask if she'd been declawed or not, because he didn't get scratched while doing a highly undignified (for the cat) procedure.  She wasn't, she's just not a scratcher.  Someone brought in a 24 pound cat in earlier that morning.  Wonder if anyone does cat liposuction?  Jodi said maybe in California.  We missed the prairie dog too.

Rules for Cats to Live By is great, and horribly true.  The Amazing Ribbon-o-matic is another fun place to stop by.

If anyone can accurately define what "conservative sandals" look like, I'd like to know where I can get some to wear to work.  Suggestions so far have included the terms blue, battle ship, Margaret Thatcher, iron, and lady, which isn't quite what I was looking for.

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