Wool pig

Fighting a bad case of the wool pig wannabee's, I created the virtual yarn stash, stuff I don't have, and probably won't get, but cannot lose track of.  If I win the lottery, I'll get everything on the virtual stash list.  I'm told you have to enter the lottery to win, but I don't believe it.  I have a non-virtual yarn stash too, but I'm hoping if I hide it in the closet no-one will notice.  There is also a knitting links page, with a pile of excellent knitting blogs and some good reference websites and online yarn stores.  I plan to have a gallery of finished stuff too, but that requires actually finishing something.

In the same vein (bizarre expression, ideas in the blood?), the knitting projects page, which will in theory shame me into finishing the Eternal Sweater.  Accepted wisdom says that you should never knit for a boyfriend/girlfriend, because they will leave you.  I disagree.  The Eternal Sweater was started in 1994 when Hubby and I were dating.  Cruising up to our ninth wedding anniversary, the thing is exactly half done, and he can't leave because it's not finished yet.  I promised to finish it for our anniversary, I just didn't specify which anniversary.  Tenth would be great.  It's a gorgeous double moss stitch and cable affair in deep green wool blend, one cable pattern has a 10 row repeat, the other a 46 row repeat, which makes life interesting.  What's taken so long is the double moss stitch, which is why I started on socks, and promptly got addicted.

After nine years on only one project, I just had to finish something.  I didn't really care what, so the first pair of socks I did were for me, and I messed up turning the heel.  Stuff it, I'm wearing them anyway.  Second pair I did for my sister and got them right (I haven't mailed them yet, sorry!), third pair are for Sarah who just moved out of state, fourth pair for me.  I have one sock of third and fourth pairs completed, both done properly, both on hold until I start and finish two mini socks to make a travel bug for Hubby, to be released while geocaching in the near future.  The birthday present book from Hubby, Lucy Neatby's Cool socks, warm feet is a great book that has miniature versions of all the patterns.  I get to prototype the gorgeous Mermaid sock pattern before trying it for real with the Fortissima Colori 9074 (Cabana) yarn.  Much to do...

Update 29th March: the real wool pig.

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