Visiting Caveland

Met up with Pat and Jodi to go and see Caveland in Festus.  The place is for sale on eBay, and it's a house built in a cave.  There are many photos on the Caveland website of the building process.  This is the outside, from the top of the ridge:

Caveland exterior.

There are three chambers.  The first is the house, the second is storage and plumbing, the third is the roller rink and stage, which is massive.  The interior was a pleasant 67F, even though it was cold out, and more humid than I was expecting.  You walk in to the main living area, which is a huge kitchen and living room.  Halfway up the stairs, there's a bathroom, at the top of the stairs are three bedrooms, with windows to get natural light in.  There's also an attic level above that.

The second chamber was storage, you could see the sheer size of the support beams jutting through the wall.  The third chamber had no natural light at all, and it went back forever.  At the far wall were some steps leading up to a stage.  There were a few lights on the walls and it was full of echoes.

It would be an amazing place to live.

Caveland will feature as the setting for a story at some point, it's too good a location not to use.  Also the fact that you can send live chicks through the mail.  Regular mail, not Fed Ex, boxes of peeping, living poultry, and they survive transit.  Chicks by mail.  A house in a cave.  You can't make this stuff up.

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