Verisign is the root of all evil

When you register a domain from Network Solutions, aka Verisign, they say that your order is not complete until you get an email from them saying so.  Today, a mere ten weeks after registering, nearly three months since we started using that domain, today, I finally received that confirmation email.  Stunning piece of customer service.  I'm so impressed.

This is what happens when an ex-monopoly tries to exist in the real world.  Wake up and hear the sound of departing customers, stampeding away as fast as they can run.

Let's not forget that Verisign is one of the domain registrars sending out adverts that look like domain name renewal bills, complete with a tear off invoice at the bottom.  Not the only one, but certainly the biggest company I know about.  The church office got one, sent to the admin contact for that domain, not the billing contact, saying the domain name was in danger of expiring.

Firstly, it was about three months before the thing expired.  Secondly, Verisign wasn't the registrar.  I went to a lot of trouble to get that domain out of their reach, and they made it a difficult process involving faxes, headed notepaper, and irate emails.  Domain Direct was the registrar for that domain name, and they've been great to work with.  The only reason is with Verisign is because I haven't extricated it yet.  Thirdly, the admin contact is likely to be the person who owns the domain name, but delegates the web stuff to someone else.  The admin contact is someone who is a lot more likely to be taken in by a scary looking bill saying you're about to lose your domain, than the technical contact.  I think this is deliberately misleading and deceptive.  Even if the advert does say "This is not a bill" in tiny letters at the bottom.

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