Unlucky Fried Kitten

It's been a long time since I put together a list for my humour section.  I learned from  the comedy courses at Writer's Village  University that comedy writing is  harder work than writing straight because you have to keep polishing the almost-funny parts until the almost is gone.

The course textbook was The Comic Toolbox, by Jon Vorhaus, and it's a  great book for comedy writing.  One of the first things we learned from it was the rule  of ten: Write out ten things, and one will be funny.  Keep that one, and write out  another ten.  Eventually you have ten funny things, but you have to be OK with writing the ninety unfunny ones to get there.  So I used that method to come up with some restaurant names, based on places in St Louis.  The post title isn't mine, it was on a t-shirt in Guildford.

  • Buffalo Wild Wheels
  • Lardee's
  • Cinnabarf
  • Poodle House
  • Booger Queen
  • Coldstone Watery
  • Outhouse Steakhouse
  • White Pass-All
  • International House of Asparagus
  • Applebutt's
  • The Cheesecake Sweatshop

Sehlat came up with these:

  • Snake and Shake
  • Mac-a-Phony Grill
  • Sick-Fil-A
  • Fourbucks
  • O'Snarlys

Then there was Bohr's Bagels, but you'd need some quantum physics to get that one...

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