I am pathologically incapable of typing the words "of" and "something" at any speed.  I have come up with at least three variations on "something."

The novel is coming along, I just have to put the chess pieces in the right places.  Right now they're all running quite happily about one hundred miles from where they need to be having a nice lunch.  I think I'm going to send my main character in wearing the hat she knitted.

I'm calling it a night at eight hundred words, my lowest daily wordcount yet.  I've done the kind of maybe sort of romantic-ish scene and I need to go somewhere and eat cheese and watch Buffy and drink tea to get some creativity back.  It's not like it was a long scene, but it was a gut-wrenching monster to write.  There isn't any kissing, let alone anything non PG-13, it's just a talk between two characters in the middle of a field just after lunchtime, and a hug.  I'm on page sixty nine and it's bugging me that I'm half a page away from a major landmark, but my head is empty and the cheese is calling, so what can you do?

Novel length validation starts this week, and it would be nice to be all done by the 25th.  Got to get back to work. I want my winner's graphic!

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