Two reasons I'm not buying a Tesla Model S

Got this in an email from Tesla about the Model S:

At this time, the Model S does not have the ability to lock and unlock individual doors. That said, we give owners the option to disable the keyless entry function of the car.

Not sure how you'd get in without keyless entry, but it must be possible. It's really odd that the Model S doesn't have a feature that every woman I've talked to definitely wants. With most cars, you can open just the driver's door, then a second unlock opens the rest of the car, assuming it's safe to do so. Every woman I talked to shuddered a little at the thought of a car always unlocking all the doors, especially after dark when you're alone.

Their solution to the seat belt cutting into my neck was to raise the seat. Tried that, but I still need to be able to reach the pedals. So, as a woman, and as someone with short legs, that's two strikes against me buying a Model S.

ETA 21st Feb:
The Tesla sales guy we met called yesterday and said he's passed on the door thing to the engineers, and "they're working on it." Once I explained the seat belt thing, he didn't have a solution for that, but now he understands the problem. It is a deal-breaker for me, and it's something Mazda has had solved since at least 2002, and Ford doesn't have that problem either.

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