Tweets for the week of September 25th

  • Vendor list for Strange Folk festival looks awesome! Steampunk and indie and local and upcycled, going with a friend Saturday 26th.
  • Gym, massage, lunch with Hubby, favourite yarn store, stash-diving, karate class, maybe a movie tonight. A perfect day off work!
  • Queen of Puddings almost worked, need real breadcrumbs next time. Courgette and parmesan bread rising in the garage, it's warm in there.
  • Going to be driving a hysteresis loop to and from the new office, but where does the excess energy go?
  • "Sometimes you're the windshield, sometimes you're the bug." I prefer the Dire Straits version. And not being the bug.
  • Hubby blocked me in the garage today. We actually have a garage I can be blocked in to. It's such a novelty I'm not even annoyed.
  • First flutterings on the St Louis region NaNoWriMo forums, looks like we'll have an October pre kick-off get-together, I have my plot idea.
  • USB thumb drive casing splintered apart, superglue can fix for now but the rugged aluminium case waterproof versions are so very tempting.

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