Tweets for the week of October 16th

  • Alert level holding at two teaspoons of sugar in tea: in work till 3pm, wedding at 5:32pm, meeting Hubby partway there, NaNo meetup tomorrow
  • At home, fixing recalcitrant sock for the third time after a major rip out. Someday I will actually finish something, and it will be good.
  • Got my halo! First St Louis NaNoWriMo meet was yesterday, awesome to see new and old friends and plan stories together. Rock on November!
  • 11 months a year I'm more introvert than a rock, for NaNoWriMo, I'm team motivator, regional word war instigator, and all-round extrovert.
  • Snowflake method for novels: 3 disasters and an ending, I like the sound of that. Plotting my novel and planning disasters for all.
  • I bruise if I get sneezed on, scar at a moment's notice, but I healed a 12 gauge ear lobe pierce in four weeks flat with zero problems? Odd.
  • Novel title and synopsis in place on the NaNoWriMo site, character wants and disasters coming together, need a timeline and plot points.

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