Tweets for the week of November 13th

  • My novel got visited by the Travelling Shovel of Death, it killed an annoying blonde from the coffee shop and moved on to the next novel.
  • Think the Week 2 blues just arrived on my novel. Or maybe it's 8am and my brain's not in gear yet. 35 words so far today, want 3000.
  • Made my 2k for the day, totally brainfried now. St Louis invaded the Columbia write-in yesterday, fun times!
  • My shoe size is UK5, which is almost EU38, which is similar to US7, is it any wonder I hate shoe shopping?  Standardise!  And do half sizes.
  • Karate improved my balance so shoes with 2in heels are not the deathtrap they were, but the air is so thin up here, need oxygen!
  • 1202 words in a 45 minute lunch break, not bad for week 2!  And I figured out how to get my Big Bad Guy out of prison.  #nanowrimo

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