Tweets for the week of March 5th

  • Ordering genuine Falklands wool top (chemical-free merino-cross) from Dunnose Head Farm outside Stanley, via
  • Do I continue with the knotted medallion scarf or make a longer tube, graft the ends, and be done?
  • New phone, Motorola Devour.  So confused...
  • Slightly less confused by phone now, but still feel like caveman in computer store.
  • Going to exchange phone for one smaller than a housebrick, with battery that last for more than 2 days.
  • Droid Eris huge improvement on Moto Devour.  Weighs less, keyboard not as horrid as I thought.
  • Girl Scout cookies are piling up, both of us ordered them!
  • I always forget what my face looks like when I've got contacts instead of glasses. Yay for new contacts! Now I can spar...
  • I can haz weapons! Hubby gave me a pair of sai for my birthday! *evil laugh*
  • Knitting needle restarted the locked file server after the power outage, stuck it through the case to hit the power button, key still AWOL

March 3rd was my birthday, and Hubby gave me the best present: a set of chrome Sai in a carrying case:

A pair of Sai.

I'm learning how to use them.  Full size sais are easier to manipulate than the kid size, but much heavier.  There are no sharp edges and the point is blunt, but if you drop it on your foot, it can punch through a shoe.  I've wanted to use sais since I first saw them in the changing room at the karate studio!

He also gave me a heavyweight karate uniform for the tournament on the 20th, a widget to stop my iPod headphones tangling all the time, and a five year diary.  Dug out my fountain pen for the five year diary because it makes me write better.

This was the first birthday in several years I haven't taken a day off work for, and I do miss having a day without requirements.  I'm saving that day for the Friday before the karate tournament, to go get my earrings replaced with retainers, and practise, practise, practise!  Not that I'm not practising every day already...

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