Tweets for the week of February 5th

Our first date was February 5th, 1994, sixteen years ago today!  We went to a little Italian restaurant off the High Street in Guildford, which has since closed.  Paul got us a table for two in a quiet corner with candles.  I ate all my pizza, he pushed his pasta around the plate, and six months later he proposed.  We're going out to celebrate tonight at a great restaurant.  The picture below is from our 12th anniversary trip to Las Vegas, taken at the Grand Canyon.  I love the desert.

Grand Canyon.

And now the weekly digest of tweets:

  • What if I don't like ANY of the cell phones? If I can press 5 buttons at once, I don't want the phone!
  • Kakapo shags cameraman, gets New Zealand Government job as "spokesbird for conservation", article
  • Fed up with bias in the BBC News, retreating to the UK Torygraph, I mean TELEGRAPH, to get the other side.
  • Much less cranky when I start the day with green tea than with coffee.  Should experiment with a hot chocolate start.

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