Tweets for September 16th to September 30th

  • "Here’s the riddle: what does an 8000 pound mako shark with a brain the size of a flathead V8 engine & no natural predators think about?"
  • What's the LD50 for daytime TV to kill half my braincells?
  • UltraEdit for Mac coming soon!  This is the BEST text editor I have ever used for HTML, PHP, FTP, Java...
  • Love my knit friends, and the ride there and back from Karyn, and the wave equation in the get well card, you guys are all awesome!
  • I have enough energy to be bored rigid, but not enough to GO somewhere and get less bored. Hell, thy name is cabin fever...
  • Time passes faster when you're knitting a sock (Sweet Georgia in "Slayer")
  • Why do people peel kiwi fruit? Just top and tail it, and chow it down like a peach without the annoying stone.
  • Props to Lou Fusz Mazda, they sent someone to pick me up so I could get the newly-serviced car home myself.
  • Helps if you actually follow the lace chart, instead of knitting what you think it means. Rip & re-start, this shawl is trying my patience.
  • It may be time to get a bigger box for my yarn stash. Or stop buying yarn, one of the two.
  • Fascinated by knitting brioche stitch, and that the knit and purls are referred to as "bark" and "burp". Planning some brioche colourwork.
  • I can't listen to Elgar's variations without hearing Rob Dougan's "Clubbed to Death" version, switching to Mozart for background music.

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