Tweets for October 1st to October 15th

  • There is a perfectly rational explanation for why my TV turned itself on, with sound and no picture, while I was in the basement. Right?
  • Love the moment when the brain clicks, plot crystallises, and NaNoWriMo 2010 is suddenly, gloriously possible! This one's going to be good.
  • I absolutely LOATHE navigating STL airport.  Three tries to get to the (UNLABELLED) short term parking with road planning by Escher.
  • TRAFFIC: Dead skunk on 64/40 just east of Ballas, you have been warned.  Why is my work route lined with suicidal skunks?
  • Listening to the sound of Angry Birds coming from the living room... Hubby's got it bad!
  • Dawning realisation: while I like to knit lace, I don't WEAR it, & should focus on knitting stuff I would, like my unfinished Eris cardigan.
  • One day I was changing a lightbulb when I heard a "knock, knock" at the door. I answered with a "who's there?" and on the doorstep...
  • ...were an Englishman, an Irishman and a Scotsman. We crossed the road and walked into a bar. Then I realised my life was just one big joke.
  • Naming characters and hammering out the plot for this year's NaNoWriMo story. How to fit in the Travelling Shovel of Death?
  • Roll on the day UltraEdit for the Mac comes out and I can tell it to handle ALL my text-based file types and not have to think anymore!
  • Admiring classic Jaguars at Brentwood and Forsyth, love the Mk2, the E type, the XK140! Come look, they're gorgeously restored.
  • I have one golden perfect phrase to put in my NaNoWriMo novel, and absolutely NO idea how to get it in there, who would say it, anything...
  • I can't possibly be a manager, I still have a soul. OTOH, I'll get more minions. Soul, or minions, how to decide...

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