Tweets for May 1st to May 15th

  • Self-striping yarn should come with an addiction warning label, must get to the next stripe! And the next one! And the one after that!
  • Self-striping sock has sapped my will to stop, or do anything else but knit more stripes.  Someone stop me! #halp
  • No car coming home / Clock ticking in the silence / Counting down the days. #TuesdaysAreForHaiku
  • No QA issue should EVER have to be sent back to the coder SIX TIMES for fixes.  Twice is too many, six deserves a firing.
  • Frost on grass, cars, and roofs, on MAY 4th!  Can we have spring proper now please?
  • Creating a new JIRA project with the "Beware of the Kangaroo" project icon.  Wonder how long before Boss changes it back...
  • Why is the diameter of a knitting needle listed in millimetres, but the length in inches? Can't we standardise on metric for everything?
  • They say they're putting up drywall in the office next door, but it sounds like they're torturing a Dalek.
  • Racing for some of / The last $3.89 gas / Before the price hike. #TuesdaysAreForHaiku #adaylate
  • The coffee machine is dead, how do you run a software company with no coffee? The Boss is not happy and one guy already went home...

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