Tweets for January 16th to January 31st

  • Breakfast included Yorkshire Gold tea made with boiling water, milk, and a little sugar.  I have renewed my Englishness.
  • What's the weirdest thing you keep in your car?  Mine is a spare mouth guard for karate sparring.
  • After you've been sick there should be at least 2 weeks of wellness. Back to back colds begone! I don't have time for you.
  • Overheard in the status meeting: "Put in an expense report for pain and suffering after that phone call" "What's the going rate for that?"
  • Drove the SUV to work, had forgotten how nice it is to have a height advantage while driving. It's the only height advantage I ever get.
  • If there was a Guinness Book Of Records category for "Most lip balms lost/laundered/tumble dried in a month", it would have my name on it.
  • Cannot face knitting lace scarf with greyish yarn in greyish weather, switching to "poke you in the eyes" turquoise blue instead.
  • Picking a necklace organiser for the dresser based on how hard it would be for a cat to knock over. Sod the aesthetics, give me sturdy!
  • Absolutely LOATHE filling out govt security clearance forms. Piles of data to be looked up, docs to copy, privacy to wave goodbye to...
  • Pondering knitting pattern for mouth guard used in karate sparring. Needs to accommodate drool and be washable. Very washable.
  • To clarify, I meant a small knitted BAG to HOLD my mouth guard, not an actual knitted mouth guard. That would be weird, and taste funny.
  • Sparred someone half my age & a foot taller last night.  Probably a score draw, we both came out grinning.

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