Tweets for February 16th to February 28th

  • Scheduling application performance test, AKA "when can I kill the server and how long will it take to die?" Sometimes I love my job.
  • Work PC is bricked, reduced to pen & paper. Never needs rebooting, runs silently, UI needs some gloss but basically sound.
  • Note to self: karate is not ballet, stop pointing your toes and flex them instead. Looks much more intimidating!
  • Flapjacks on the cooling rack, whole wheat scones in the oven (for the oat allergic), kitchen cleaned up afterwards. I feel all domestic!
  • Home made whole wheat scones for breakfast. Network Guy suggested putting a slice of bacon in the scone. Seriously considering it!
  • Gasoline in St Louis: $3.19/gallon. Gasoline in Britain: $8.04/gallon (current exchange rate & using US 3.78 litre gallon)
  • I'm too short for regular length pants, but too tall for petites. How is this possible? Where are the pants that fit?

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