Tweets for August 1st to August 15th

  • Planning ahead: how would you transport a shovel from St Louis MO to San Francisco CA for a weekend? #TravelingShovelOfDeath #NaNoWriMo
  • They dropped a CHANDELIER on our HEADS at Phantom Of The Opera.  15th wedding anniversary today, year 16 starts tomorrow.
  • First ever manicure, turns out I'm not allergic to nail polish after all.  Shiny!
  • Haven't worn nail polish in over a decade, keep getting distracted by how my hands look.  And it smells funny.
  • So much to practice for my karate blue belt test! 6 kata, 20 techniques, 1 sparring match, 3 weeks to get it all ready. I can do this.
  • The whole house smells of vanilla and blueberry cake.
  • Wow 6:35am traffic, who ticked YOU off today? The 6:20am crowd is FAR less aggressive. Also there's less of us.
  • Scarf progress: the atomic number for Aluminium is 13, meaning it has 13 protons in the nucleus.
  • Happy Friday 13th! It's the only one this year.
  • I was born without the Chick Flick gene, can't wait to see The Expendables tonight, Jason Statham and things that go boom!

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