Tweets for August 16th to August 31st

  • Two hours playing language/accent coach for a friend of a friend, wonderful to hear her accent narrowing in on the correct pronunciation!
  • Desperately seeking NaNoWriMo plot ideas, I promise credit if I pen a bestseller.  No ninja, pirates, or dinosaurs need apply. Thx!
  • I have storage! Four usable shelves in my yarn closet, boxes stacked neatly & accessibly, no more pulling everything out to find one thing!
  • Good post-lesson talk from karate instructor Ben, I'm supposed to be BORED at the prospect of someone punching me.  Still a bit scared of it.
  • Scarf progress: 16 repeats of 27.  A note played for 1/16 of the duration of a whole note is called a semiquaver.
  • I loathe working on my review form.  My performance  is awesome, my boss knows it, just give me the raise and spare us both the tedium.
  • I have it! My 2010 NaNoWriMo idea! *cuddles the plot bunny* We are going to have SO much fun together!
  • Awesome knitting morning, 7 of us crammed around a small table, laughing, apparently audible from the front of the store...
  • From our bug database last week:  "There should not be two scrollbars.  There can be only one."  Wonder if anyone will get the reference...
  • Knitgroup excursion to The London Tea Room is ON! Sat Sept 4th, 2-4pm. Good tea, English treats, knitting, and friends.
  • Scarf progress: The 19th President of the United States was Rutherford B. Hayes.
  • Wearing my new favourite t-shirt from ThinkGeek: "I'm uncertain about quantum mechanics".
  • Got my karate blue belt! Now for blueberry pie and cream. So tired...

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