Tuesday catch up

Got my Mac back on Friday, 20 days after they took it in for a three to five day repair.  By a strange coincidence, the repair was completed 40 minutes before I called the repair centre on Thursday, and on a truck heading home by 8pm that night.  I'm really glad to have it back because now I can update my iPod and add the Crazy Frog version of Axel F.

Cheers to Beth for pointing me towards Greensleeves Spindles, they look fantastic!  Maybe one day...  Got to find a local spinning group that meets in the evenings.  My future spinning teacher is part of the Weaver's Guild, and I think spinners meet in Myers House yarn store.  I know they have some spindles and roving in the back room.

Mailed off my unloved sock yarn on Saturday to my swap recipient.  It should get there on Friday or Saturday because it's gone overseas.  Hope she likes it better than I did!  I wonder whose unloved sock yarn is heading my way?  Is it too soon to be checking my mailbox?  Will it be hideous?  Will it be beautiful?

Almost finished the MIL sock #2 today, less than an inch to go.  Next up are the FIL socks in KnitPicks Sock Landscape Yukon, all blues and grey.  It felt a little different to the New England Foliage colour and I'm wondering how it will knit up, and how they will both wear.  They'll be hand washed, I'm planning on sending a little bottle of wool wash over with them.  Which is better, Eucalan or Kookaburra?

Added a couple of yarn reviews over the weekend (Socks That Rock and KnitPicks Sock Landscape) and updated a few others.  I have the cuddly bear kit from Kpixie to make which has some interesting yarn, and Opal Owl to use later in the year.  Another new yarn I'll be using is KnitPicks Essential for Hubby's second pair of socks.  Once the FIL socks are done I might take a break and knit the bear so I don't get all socked out.

When I had my fingerprints taken by the INS for my green card application, they had trouble with because the tops of the prints are wearing off.  I kept making smudged print cards and they had to be clear prints.  At the time they said it was from typing, I wonder if knitting needles wear off fingerprints too?  And do prints ever come back?

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