Travel bug launch

I had a horrible hunch the Slayer sock wasn't going to work.  Too tight on one needle, too loose on on the next size up.  Frogged the sock and the yarn's in time out.

So I made this instead, Loopy's Red Sock Kit that I got with an order from The Loopy Ewe.  It's going to be my next geocaching trackable item: the Hiking Sock Travel Bug.

Hiking sock travel bug

The travel bug goals are on a luggage tag with the metal ID tag.  I dropped it in an easy cache on Tuesday and it will travel from cache to cache as people pick it up and move it on.  Hiking Sock's main goal is for it to be photographed in cold places.  There's also a stretch goal of visiting really cold places (Alaska, Siberia, Greenland, and anywhere inside the Arctic circle).  There are several mini-socks in circulation as travel bugs (one from Germany, one from England, another from America), this one is replacing a pair I sent out that went missing in Colorado.  The bug got picked up on Thursday by a newbie, who says he or she will take it to Indiana next week.  May it be the first step in a long journey!

Next project is a pair of socks is for Martha in Apple Laine yarn (from my field trip to The Loopy Ewe last week).  It looks thicker than regular sock yarn and with a silky shine.  Hopefully there will be no more gauge disasters.

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