Tour de Fleece - Yellow Jersey!

In the Tour de France, the maillot jaune, or yellow jersey is awarded to the winner, Alberto Contador.  The Tour de Fleece is over, and I met my goals!

Yellow jersey!

Spin every weekday

Made this goal, and also spun three Sundays and a Saturday.  Not easy to do, but I should be able to spin a couple of times a week, especially once I get the craft room set up.

Ply two skeins

I plied three skeins during the tour.  The first was 102 yds of kid mohair, it made a nice 2-ply skein that I dyed with tea.  The second was a 60/40 blend of suri alpaca and Icelandic wool, which made a 117 yd 2-ply skein.  Finally there was a 60/30/10 blend of merino, bamboo and nylon that became 198 yds of 2-ply yarn.

Three skeins of yarn.

I have plans to knit the mohair skein into a narrow bias scarf, not sure what to do with the others yet.  I also started spinning some undyed Targhee for my first true 3-ply skein.  The fibre feels like a softer version of Jacob wool and I'm trying to spin it crazy-thin in order to get a less-than-bulky yarn when there are three plies.  We'll see how that goes.

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