Tidying up

Went through the stash box yesterday and picked out the stuff I'm never going to use.  Some is earmarked for friends, the rest, I don't know.  Anyone interested in a random grab bag of yarn for a few bucks?  Got a ball of brown Sockotta, two of Lang Jawoll cotton in a denim colour, couple of balls of Sugar N Cream, two balls of Paton's Candiana (brown and green, used some for a baby hat, not going to use the rest) and a ball of Lion Baby Soft in blue.

The de-stashing clears space in my yarn box for the celebratory yarn purchases.  I have several personal things to celebrate I'm not sharing here.  Also found my bowknot scarf made in Morehouse Merino natural three strand at the start of the year, darned the hole tonight, and will wear it all winter.  It's the perfect size for when it's not cold enough to justify wearing an entire scarf but you still want to keep your neck warm, and the yarn is lovely.  Morehouse have some wonderful kits.

Spent some time going through the blog and pulling out stuff worth keeping.  Added two entries to the Thoughts section (Guy Fawkes and Quantum Mechanics), and one to Humour (Tests of Togetherness).  Jakob Nielsen recommends pulling out and archiving your "Classic Hits" from a blog, so they don't get lost in the archives.  I'm pleased with those entries.

A quote to start the day:

Poets have been mysteriously silent on the subject of cheese.

G. K. Chesterton

This is my last free weekend before NaNoWriMo.  Blog entries may dry up in the next month, or be exclusively about my novel attempt.  You have been warned.  My orange cat was sat on the bedroom windowsill staring at a squirrel in the gutter when I got up.  How can I work that into my story?  Everything is potential story material...

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