The World According to Tea

The Coronet Hat is finished.  It is going to a good home with a good friend.  I'll take photos before I send it off.  Happy travels, Hat, it was fun making you.  It took almost all of the skein of Lamb's Pride worsted in Raspberry, and I would definitely knit the pattern again.  The yarn is much warmer than I was expecting, it would be great for mittens, scarves, and heavy socks.

NaNoWriMo continues apace.  I may not knit again till December.  Swatched for the hemp socks and that's it since Sunday.  I'm too busy writing.  Today I took my laptop with me to work and wrote a thousand words at lunchtime because this evening is already booked.  My main character has turned into a motor-mouth with an attitude, ending up in a rough pub by the river in Guildford with a head injury and two guys looking for her, and it's still in the first chapter.  Bonus points if you know the name of the pub, the one next to Millmead Baptist church.

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