The Vikings are coming!

BBC News: The return of the Viking warship.

On Sunday [July 1st], 65 men and women will embark on one of the most ambitious, dangerous and important experimental archaeology projects ever undertaken.  They will attempt to sail a reconstructed Viking warship from Roskilde, Denmark, to Dublin, across some of the roughest seas in the world.  The ship, The Sea Stallion from Glendalough, is the most authentic Viking warship built in nine centuries. It's based on the largest of five ships that were excavated from the bottom of Roskilde fjord in 1962, opposite the small village of Skuldelev.

It's a six week journey on an open ship, each person will have less than a square metre to live in.  The ship was built without using saws, the Vikings didn't have them and used axes instead.  There will be weekly updates on a crew diary, and more frequent updates on a programme webpage, this will be a BBC program in September.

They have set sail...

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