The Ultimate Cat Toy

You will need:

  • 2-3 feet of memory wire (available from craft stores)
  • Some narrow gauge wooden beads  (preferably unfinished wood)
  • A foot of acrylic yarn
  • A pair of pliers

Thread a couple of beads onto the memory wire and bend it into a small loop behind them so they can't fall off.  Do the same at the other end.  Tie the yarn loosely around the wire and make a single crochet line for a couple of inches.  Add multiple crochet sections if you prefer.

Use the wire like a fishing lure, making the crochet twitch around.  My cats love this!  The original toy had twisted paper tags on it, and they destroyed them.  I just fixed the toy and they're playing with it now.  One cat will pick up one end, and chase the other end in circles.

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