The Eris Chronicles

Finished the yoke in 11 days, and it looks fantastic, I love how the neckline stitches are curled in to make a collar seam.  Picking up stitches around the yoke was less arduous than I expected.  You practice the picking up method with the centre back join.  I cheated and picked up all the loops on a US1 needle first to make sure I had the right number, then knit along them with the US8.  I'd show you a picture but it's basically a shapeless mass right now.

Raglan increases are new to me and I like how they're hidden in a cable.  Collar and short rows consumed the first of my eight skeins of yarn but I didn't want to do a join at the end of a short row, so I wove the next skein in across the back.  Sewed in four yarn ends after finishing the short rows, there are still four trailing around.  The yoke and the picking up stitches were the scariest parts of this pattern, now that they're over, I have hope it'll work!

But I'm in need of a smaller project for spur of the moment mindless knitting.  Eris is great for lunch times when I can spread stuff out on my desk (the other two people in my office are used to this by now) and get an uninterrupted 45 minutes in.  But if you have ten minutes to kill before your contact lens check up, you need something small and quick and Eris is neither.  I'm thinking Hedgerow socks in Mama Blue BFL.

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