The Anglepoise iMac

I got my first look at the new iMac today, on the cover of a brochure from Apple.  I have to admit, it does bear a certain resemblance to an Anglepoise lamp.  But I also got my first extended play with Mac OS X.  I never thought I'd say this, but I think I could see myself using it.  Liking it, even.  It is built on UNIX, which I have used on and off since 1993.  It is very pretty, all transparent glassy buttons.  The mouse connected to the old style iMac I was playing with was probably the worst mouse it has ever been my misfortune to discover, but it could have been having a bad hair day and I can understand that.

The Macs at Surrey University hated me, and refused to ever let me log in, let alone use them, so I duly hated them back and swore to be faithful to Intel and AMD.  But Apple has had long years since then to improve, and improve they have.  Mac OS X is a UNIX I could happily use.

It would have been skiing season in hell before I got any computer with a copy of Windows XP on it, that much was for sure, but I never thought I'd be considering an iMac.  It's a lot nicer than Linux too.  Microsoft, you've lost another one.

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