NaNoWriMo 2004 progress graph

This is the NaNoWriMo progress graph Hubby wrote for me, using these figures:

  • Day one 1000 words
  • Day two 1000 words
  • Day three 2000 words
  • Day four 2000 words
  • Day five 1667 words
  • Day six 2000 words
  • Day seven zero words
  • Day eight 2500 words

It's a PNG image, generated by a JSP (Java Server Pages) file.  It's all data driven, you just add the latest day's word count (or zero if you took the night off) on the image source URL, and voila:  One guilt-inducing graph!  Since I'd be running at a deficit with those word counts, the daily requirement shown in the dark grey bars is increased.  I'm going to put this in my sidebar on November 1st to keep me accountable.

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