Go play on the highway

How many times do you get the chance to go play on the highway?  Actually ON the highway, walking down the centre lane snapping photos and dodging bikes and basset hounds?

Speed limit on the highway.

A five mile stretch of Highway 40/Interstate 64 in St Louis has been closed all year.  This was my route to work and church and just about everywhere else, and it has HURT to be missing it.  The road re-opened Monday 15th, and on Sunday afternoon it was open to the public.

"Stay off the grass!  Stay on the highway!  This is the only time you'll ever hear me say this: Stay on the highway!"
A dad to kids on Highway 40
Brentwood junction.

They've already closed the next five miles of the highway on the other side of I-170, that'll be next year's challenge.  But for now, I played on the highway.  I also talked to strangers, though I didn't run with scissors.

ETA: I love my new highway!  Except the people going 35mph when everyone else is doing 60mph.  Four wide lanes, hugely improved entrances and exits, and a much shorter journey time.  I left late, had to scrape ice off my car, and still arrived at work on time.

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