Joy.  My first cold/cough of the season.  One car is in for it's first service ever, the other is romping towards the 80,000 mile mark.  And the weather forecast says snow at last!  Bring it on, I hate waiting for snow, knowing this time last year we were already under several inches of hard packed snow and ice.  Get on with it already!

Suppose I ought to eat lunch at some point.

Voicemail Ping Pong

A game for two or more players.


Player one calls player two, who is unavailable.  Player two returns player one's call as soon as possible, but has to leave a voicemail because player one is now unavailable.  Repeat as often as necessary to get real human contact.

Unbelievable!  Headline on CNN said "Buy-Partisan Influence." It should be BI-Partisan!  Don't these people know how to spell?!

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