Stitch 'n Bitch Nation

My month has officially been made.  A copy of "Stitch 'n Bitch Nation" is on its way to me from Debbie Stoller, because one of the knitting tips I sent her is in the book!  I was planning to get the book for the Union Jack sweater, which is worth learning colour knitting for.  Yay!  Books and knitting, life doesn't get better than this.  I would put money on it being the dorky stupid tip.  I'm going to Borders later to check it out.

I'm planning to write three thousand words today, and that should leave time enough to get the house ready for tomorrow's knitting group.  The driveway will be accessible again after getting sealed for the winter, so PARK ON THE DRIVEWAY people!  House-trained guests park on the driveway, come in through the back door, and take their shoes off at the door.  Alasdair used to come in, put the kettle on, and make tea when he visited our flat in Guildford.  I miss him.


I found the book, found my tip (page 129), it's actually four tips all at once, and not the dorky one at all.  Lots of great patterns too.  I'm less enamoured of the Union Jack sweater now I've seen the pattern, but other patterns are great.  The book wasn't even on the shelves yet, a Borders chap kindly fetched it for me from their receiving area.  Wrote two thousand six hundred words.

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