State of the Spin

My goal for spinning is to follow the Yarn Harlot and use Tuesdays for spinning.  I have a chunk of time between work and karate group class that can be spent in the front room with wheel, spindle, and NCIS re-runs on my laptop.

Right now I have some tawny Polwarth on my wheel, purchased at The Fold when we visited Chicago last year.  Only 2oz, which will be a nice sport weight 3-ply when it's done.  It is as soft as merino, but it feels like it has a little more internal structure.  Could just be the preparation, but I love the colour and the feel of it.

A slower-paced project is my first ever batt, spun on my Kundert spindle, started on Tuesday 2nd.  The fibre is a Fuzzarelly batt from Susan's Spinning Bunny and it was my 2008 NaNoWriMo reward.  Merino, angora, and silk, and WAY more pink than I was expecting.  The fibre stash is mostly undyed so this is a little shocking next to the oatmeal, grey, and browns.  I'm spending a chunk of time picking out small wads of undyed fibre before spinning (looks like felted angora), and the spun yarn will be more "textured" that I'd like, but it's an interesting experience.  I'm pulling strips off the length of the batt and drafting from there.  It's coming out a dark orange colour with a hint of pink.

Bunny batt and spindle.

Next up on the wheel is probably some Olde Babydoll Southdown roving in a dark brown.  It is the sheepiest-smelling of all my stash and will probably attract Quantum the cat while I'm spinning it.  She has been known to steal pieces of merino fluff and eat them, and she was very interested in my last sheepy-smelling roving, but this isn't the kind of fibre she needs in her diet.  The Southdown is very springy, probably destined to be a 2 ply yarn and maybe a cabled winter hat.

State of the Write coming up in the next post.

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