Stash enhancement

It's been a while since I ordered yarn in a Loopy Ewe Sneak Up.  Got the email on Monday just as I'd made my 2000 words on the novel and was shutting the machine down.

Belamoden and GypsyKnits yarn.

bellamoden in The Colour Purple (merino sport weight) and Gypsy Knits in Elves 'n Gnomes (BFL fingering weight).  The bellamoden is a deliciously squishy sport weight, can't wait to see how it knits up.  It is destined to be the next pair of comfort socks (where you come home after a lousy day and want to put on something to feel better).  The Gypsy Knits is hard to photo but the colour is growing on me.  It is mostly greenish with splashes of pinkish red and a hint of brown.  I'm thinking a cable pattern for this.

I'd been waiting for the Gypsy Knits and I was planning to just get that, but the bellamoden was such a nice purple and Hubby said I could get more...  I love my hubby!

There has been very little knitting through November.  The novel demanded time and energy, and something had to go.  I have just over half of the Silky Wool neck cozy done and I'm looking forward to making something else.

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