Stash diving

I'm halfway through the yarn for the Marcasite scarf and getting bored because it's a flat rectangle with a simple lace pattern.  The scarf looks good, but I needed a break and the Philly Cowl just slipped in there:

Philly cowl and Marcasite scarf.

Two days to make up to the button band and I've probably used less than half of the Malabrigo worsted yarn.  Need a couple of nice buttons to finish it off.  I'm attempting to knit from the stash for a while rather than expand it.  All my yarn is stored in one box and it's full. That's for purchased yarn and handspun, and I'm still spinning, so something has to give.  Or I get another box, but that feels too easy. I have a skein of self-striping Jacob handspun that's going to be a hat, and a skein of grey squishy merino/yak handspun to be a cowl, and a skein of white Cormo I have no idea what to do with.  But what I really want right now are BFL socks.

Fyberspates self-striping BFL sock yarn in Peach, Plum, and Ginger, plus the handspun yarns.  Wasn't sure if I was going to like the BFL when I first got it, but it's grown on me.  BFL yarn tends to be thinner than regular sock yarn, but warm, soft, and hard wearing.  And stripes! You can't be bored with stripes, even on teeny needles.

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