Spinworks in progress

Found a source for genuine Falklands wool!  Crafty Notions in the UK gets the top from Dunnose Head Farm, outside Stanley on West Falkland.  I've ordered some undyed white and some dyed red and brown.  The wool is produced without fertilisers, dips, pesticides, or other chemicals, and the sheep is a merino crossbreed.  Really looking forward to getting this to spin!

Got some chocolate Rambouillet roving from Ruth's aunt, she got several fleeces and shared the bounty!  It looks like it's been washed, picked, and put through a drum carder.  Feels soft like merino, it's clean of vegetable matter and neps, this would be a great squishy sport weight yarn.  There's 4oz loose, and an unknown amount in a sleeping bag box.

I've spun a 2oz bobbin of rose grey alpaca, my favourite natural alpaca colour.  Huacaya alpaca are gorgeous to look at, you just want to cuddle them.  Except they could take offence and spit at you, and their spit stains green.  The suri alpaca look like they have dreadlocks, they lose some of that adorable teddy bear look but the fibre is silky and shiny when spun up.  There's another bobbin to spin, then it should make a good sport weight yarn.  The fibre came from Prairieland Peruvian Alpacas a couple of years ago when I visited with a group from Knitty Couture.  I'm hoping for enough sport weight to do a nice scarf.

Sometime soon I'll have a friend over to try a little spinning on one of the drop spindles.  She's going to MD Sheep and Wool, but doesn't spin yet.  I have some leftover training wool and a spare spindle, the gateway drug to spinning.  Owning your own spinning wheel, multiple spindles, and enough fleece to insulate a house, then thinking about buying a small herd of sheep for the back yard comes later.

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