Spinning Q&A

What spinning questions would you like to ask Shannon Okey?  She's out on tour but still emailing, and I've got some questions answered already.  Her book Spin to Knit is showing up in bookstores, though Amazon still has it as a pre-order.  It turned up in St Louis, but someone got to the only copy Borders had before I could get there.

Questions already answered:

  • Do you have any tricks for making consistent singles?
  • What happens if you way overtwist the singles when you're spinning or plying?
  • Does it matter if you spin anticlockwise and ply clockwise instead of the other way around?
  • How do you spin thin yarn without the singles snapping all the time?
  • How do you blend two different fibres while you're spinning?

I'm sending out the questions from the last post tomorrow, thanks so much for sending them in!

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