Spinning FO: Falklands 3 ply yarn

My cat tried to eat this wool as I was spinning it, which proves it's a merino cross-breed.  She's never tried to eat any other fibre but merino.  She didn't get any but I'll be watching when I spin up the rest of my Falklands stash.

Falklands wool, 3 ply.

Fiber: Dyed Falklands wool top from Dunnose Head Farm via Crafty Notions

Construction: 3 ply

Amount: 225 yards, 3 oz

Tool: Majacraft Rose spinning wheel

It's lovely wool to spin, no vegetable matter, no tangles, no felted bits, no neps.  This is my first true three ply yarn.  I spun it as thin as I could, using the third gear of the whorl on the wheel.  Making a three ply yarn felt like it took so much longer than a two ply, and you get less yarn per ounce, but I love the look of Navajo ply handspun and had to try a true three ply.  I love the look of THIS handspun and I'm going to have to do three ply again.

The plying was an easy job, all three bobbins lined up in the Majacraft box at my feet, wheel set on the fourth gear of the whorl (one gear faster than it was spun on) and trying not to treadle too fast.  I only had one ply break once, which is a record for me, something's geting better.  Plied, skeined, tied, washed, and whacked on Wednesday night, dried on Thursday, picture on Friday.

I think this skein is the best I've made yet.  The consistency is getting better and the plying is mostly even with only a few over-plied spots.

I wanted to spin genuine Falklands wool because I was miffed at Argentina's claims of ownership over the Falkland Islands, and the utter lack of support from America for Britain's sovereignty.  Dunnose Head Farm is on West Falkland, that link takes you to the satellite map.  Sadly there are no visible sheep.

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