Spindle and Sock

In keeping with National Spin More Month, I've been working on some baby camel fibre.  That lump is less than half of the original amount.  I got it and my Kundert spindle at Maryland Sheep and Wool last year.  Kundert spindles are turned as a complete unit, whorl and shaft together so the two pieces blend.  Mine looks rim-weighted from the underside and it's a fantastic spindle.  Dug out my Teach Yourself Visually - Handspinning book for the Navajo plying.  I'm going to make the chains and wind it all up as a ball, then ply it.

Hedgerow sock and Kundert spindle.

Finished the first Hedgerow sock for Janice.  Added a picot hemmed top and took four rows off the heel flap.  Love how the round toe looks!  No grafting or seams, it was easy.  The ShibuiKnits yarn is nice, it doesn't split, no knots in either skein, and it feels very warm and sturdy.

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