Spin to Knit Friday

We have a date!  On Friday 13th October I'll be posting Shannon Okey's answers to your spinning questions!   It'll be the last stop on her blog tour.  My copy of her book, Spin to Knit, arrived today from Amazon.

Spin to Knit book.

The really quick micro-review:  The book has lots of helpful pictures in colour, close enough to see what's going on, really useful pictures.  The ones about drafting are great.  Shannon walks you through spindle and wheel spinning, and some trouble-shooting for common problems.  I get what Navajo plying is now!  Dishwasher dying sounds tempting, and the Felted Mammoth Tea Cosy is just my kind of project!  There are two sock patterns, I haven't dared think I could knit socks with handspun until today.  I like this book a lot already.

Finished my first bobbin of merino last night, it's still a wonderful thing to spin.   There are no huge bulky sections, but still a few thread thin ones.  Next up is the  Wild Thing superwash  merino from Crown Mountain Farm.  It looks like pencil roving and the colours are  yellow-orange, burgundy, and a little white.  I can't spin my own Sock Hop yarn yet, but I  will try for sportweight.

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