Spin, spin, spin, and rest

Still spinning for La Tour De Fleece 2008.  What do you make with a micro-skein of yarn?  I have two 30 yard skeins of  spindle-spun yarn and little idea of what to make beyond a glasses cleaning cloth.  One is beige baby camel down, the other is cream Wensleydale.  I have a silk glasses cleaning cloth in my handbag that gets used a lot, but nothing in my work bag.

Monday 14th July

How do you know when a spindle is full?  Mine has more on it than I've ever put on a spindle and it's getting harder to do the joins between chunks of fibre.  It might be time to ply this and start over.  I've never done Navajo plying on a spindle before.

Tuesday 15th July

Slid the cop of Wensleydale onto a straw and stuck that on my Katie-a-go-go.  Navajo plied it on the wheel and got about 30yds of three-ply that's drying in the bathroom and still somewhat twisty.  Started spinning some Gotland but it wants to be spun thicker than the spindle wants and I was having trouble with the staple length after the Wensleydale.  I think my Tour de Fleece is about sampling fibres.

Wednesday 16th July

I call this "Still Life with Cat and Wool."  Quantum was dangling over the edge of the bed and deigned to be snapped with my micro-skein and the CVM fibre.

Still life with cat and wool.

Started spinning some fawn CVM from Little Barn on the spindle, switched to Shetland locks, then Romney locks, finally settled on grey alpaca from Spunky Eclectic.  Soft as fog as just as beautiful.  I've never spun any yarn from alpaca and this fibre would look great as a light lacy scarf.

Thursday 17th July

Carpooling day, spinning in Borders after work.  I'm way more self conscious about spinning in public than knitting in public.  Probably because I feel confident of my knitting skills, I can knit lace, colourwork, and socks, whereas with spinning I'm not nearly so proficient.  Got a couple of surreptitious glances and a smile while I was spinning in the Borders cafe.  Love the alpaca to spin with, very soft and easy.

Friday 18th July

Day off work, but up at o'dark thirty as usual, cats need feeding.  More alpaca on the spindle, there's some darker grey hairs in it, so the singles look almost tweedy.

Saturday 19th July

I'm taking this as a rest day, no spinning.

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