Spammer names

"Well, there's egg and bacon; egg sausage and bacon; egg and spam; egg bacon and spam; egg bacon sausage and spam; spam bacon sausage and spam; spam egg spam spam bacon and spam; spam sausage spam spam bacon spam tomato and spam;"
Monty Python

In early 2006, I started seeing odd names on my spam email.  There must have been a new program for generating the fake "from" names using dictionary words.  Some of them were pretty funny, so Hubby and I saved them.  They're long gone now, but these are the best we found, all genuine spam names from real emails we trashed:

Thrill K. Chardonnay
Stoppard O. Impede
Unprovoked V. Washstands
Bivouac M. Stopcock
Courteously Q. Concussion
Stolidity O. Cave
Sickeningly O. Greener
Linden R. Trestle
Yamaha T. Janus
Barbary E. Wilton
Detention T. Easy
Exonerated G. Hirohito
Iqubal U. Pilgrimage
Necromancy O. Melodrama
Cruelty G. Brandished
Optimists L. Bitching
Aggravation D. Hypothesizing
Detoxifies A. Warbled
Winsomely O. Cyberpunk
Backpackers V. Collar
Zest V. Throng
Madras P. Disciplinary
Squirrelling H. Midmost
Whimsical E. Cardigan
Gloat J. Linus
Morns Q. Canard
Roddenberry I. Chambermaid
Mallard H. Blythe
Mass M. Wisconsinites
Elitist H. Village
Napolean P. Stroud
Onliest O. Specialists
Pawl E. Cacao
Coeds T. Miff
Horticulture G. Unsuccessfully
Minor F. Impediments
Splatters Q. Exempting
Overdrawn C. Relearnt
Moor V. Stalactite
Bright Q. Cede
Rubber H. Murray
Decontaminating H. Mop
Recitals S. Boat
Euphoric S. Redressing
Sometimes C. Seagoing
Guild O. Denaturing
Enslaved U. Rapider
Dimmer D. Silver
Nevis V. Manifesto
Lockable M. Bottom
Sharpness R. Mixes
Congruous M. Kookaburra
Fobs T. Diva
Eurekas I. Abusiveness
Pictorial V. Airport
Preventing S. Pastorate
Pseudonyms L. Missourians
Chiropodist R. Hospices
Nudge K. Hovercraft
Exporter K. Davis
Hydraulic Q. Nincompoops
Career R. Pudgiest
Heinous O. Precursor
Jaggedness D. Badlands
Wainscoted T. Talents
Constantine I. Mellow
Moon H. Soled
Polymorphic Q. Amputatee
Evaluation K. Sleazier
Ogle M. Gumption
Pilferer I. Firming
Idylls L. Flamencos
Seed G. Archaic
Pasteboard K. Ingress
Picadilly Q. Commuting
Hub H. Kilobyte
Serendipity D. Vision
Apostate I. Supernovae
Organisms V. Blowing
Fights F. Photojournalist
Vocals E. Premeditating
Implies L. Unpredictability
Digestive R. Action
Taxidermist D. Enchilada
Turkey D. Uncouples
Spineless A. Lagoon
Maced O. Shaman
Nondescript O. Telegraphed
Underdog K. Hypertension
Constance C. Dick
Buyers J. Toothsome
Adventurer L. Highness
Hexes T. Affirmative
Stormy W. Klein
Splices E. Suffered
Tremulously H. Phalluses
Popsicle M. Rupturing
Toothpaste I. Flogged
Pouring B. Steeplechase

And a few more, added 25th March 2007

Prospective B. Soybean
Neolithic D. Yachts
Geopolitical C. Teletype
Heartrending H. Sphinx
Mirage S. Depressants
Chancel P. Greyhounds
Spinning K. Insolently
Ruddy M. Immaturity
Unparalleled O. Straight
Inferno A. Florin
Sandals U. Corruptly
Archenemies B. Shilling
Horseshoe H. Revolting
Isobar B. Sump
Sepulchers G. Thimbling
Jawbreakers M. Squeegee
Consequently M. Infidel
Apologia M. Sackful
Patricide B. Edgewise
Epiphany A. Barbecues
Ballpoints B. Disobeyed
Cosine H. Nonzero

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