Sorry, but the Emperor is naked

Some troll posted the URL of my Linux usability rant on comp.os.linux.advocacy.  I took that file down last night because I was appalled, but not surprised, at the vehemence of the personal attacks from that group.  Rather than believe that anyone could be less than expert with their beloved OS, this bunch took it upon themselves to flame me, insult my technical skill, question my gender, throw profanities, and prove my point that most that Linux users loathe ordinary mortals that just want to use a functional system.  I found out about this little love-in from trying to find why my hit count was above normal.

Draw your own conclusions, but don't follow that link if children are around, they don't restrain their language.  My original essay (which I will put back once this lot go away) said this, and I stand by it:

It seems to be standard practice on Slashdot to ridicule anyone who dares to use Windows and say so.
In my experience, Linux is frustrating, and deliberately unhelpful.
It's pretty obvious the disdain they hold towards us in the herd.  It shows in the programs.  It shows in the chronic lack of useful documentation and the lousy help files.  It shows in the obsession with making everyone use the command line.  Most of all, it shows in the patronising attitude of the Linux Elite.

The crud storm I read last night proved my point wonderfully.  Linux opposition must be crushed, dissent silenced, differing opinions are clearly lies and Microsoft-sponsored oppression.  Grow up!  It's an operating system, a low level computer program, not a religion.  Most people don't care about using it, and never will.  Seeing this kind of feeding frenzy doesn't persuade people to "convert" to Linux, it turns them away.

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