Socks in pockets

Picked up a Circular Solutions port-a-pocket last weekend.  It's just big enough to hold yarn and a sock in progress, with a tape measure and Chibi in the outer pockets.  It fits in my day bag and keeps the yarn clean, and the fabric is sturdy.  Definitely recommended for small projects on the go.  It would be perfect with a centre-pull ball of yarn, pity I lost the centre of this one while winding.

Martha's socks.

These are Martha's socks, I'm doing 6 stitch braided cables up the sides.  The yarn is Apple Laine in Red Delicious, and it's wonderful to work with!  Feels soft and squishy knitted up, and a little shiny.  Reminds me of Mountain Colors Bearfoot yarn.  The thickness does vary a little, I've come across a few sport weight places. A co-worker mistook the ball for a funny-shaped apple at lunchtime, so the colouring is pretty lifelike.

I started with the braided cable pattern from Sensational Knitted Socks, but it didn't look good as written, so I moved the cables closer together.  The sock has been through some rip outs (both swatches, and twice just past the toe) because I need to conserve yarn, and it's handled it well.  I'm a tad concerned that I won't have enough for a pair of size 12 socks.  According to my baking scales and the postal scale at work, I have an ounce of yarn left after completing the heel, and it would cost me 39c to mail it.

It tickles me that the back of Sensational Knitted Socks says it's the only sock knitting book you'll ever need, but there's a sequel (More Sensational Knitted Socks) just published...

Travelling sock update

The Hiking Sock travel bug has made it as far as a rest stop in Indiana a hundred and sixty four miles from its starting position.  Not bad for a first outing!

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