Snapshot - September 2007


Finished a fascinating book over the long weekend: Another day in the frontal lobe by Katrina Firlik, a neurosurgeon.

The Weather Warden series by Rachel Caine is my other current read.  Finished Ill Wind, started (but not finished) Heat Stroke, and got most of the way through Chill Factor.

Listening to:

Plain White Ts: Hey there Delilah

Ladytron: Beauty 2

Loreena McKennitt: The Mummer's Dance

Regina Spektor: Better


NCIS season 4 on iTunes.  Love this show!  Hubby's parents got us hooked one time when we visited.

The Dresden Files season 1, which has been canned by the Sci-Fi channel.  It was an excellent story of a present-day Chicago wizard helping the police.


Seraphim Shawl, only 10 rows to go now.  Never thought I'd be a shawl wearer, but this will definitely get worn.

Next up are Boudica socks, also by Miriam Felton, then maybe some socks with the Lipstick Lava yarn from Dream in Color.


The never ending 8oz of superwash merino on my wheel (2.5oz done so far, I've been avoiding it).

Baby camel fluff on my Kundert spindle.

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